Using Airganic Moisture Absorbers

Airganic Moisture Absorbers work best in enclosed areas. Best used in areas 30 cubic feet and up to 60 cubic feet. Below are examples of where Airganic Moisture Absorbers can best benefit your home and other areas of your life!


Bedroom - Closets, under bed storage, dresser drawers, shoe boxes, jewelry boxes, safes.


Bathroom - Medicine cabinets, under sinks, linen closets.


Kitchen - Cabinets, Drawers, Pantries, Under Sinks, Refrigerator Drawers.


Attic and Basement - Near entryways, holiday storage containers.


Pet Use - Pet food storage, near litter box.


Automotive - Glove boxes, center consoles, under seats, tool boxes, trunks.


Motorcycles - Side saddle bags, under seat storage, leave in your helmet.


Marine - Storage and bait lockers, bilge areas, lazzarettes, black water pipe areas, closets, interior galleys.


Recreational Vehicles - Bathrooms, cabinets, under sinks, bedrooms, closets, all storage areas. For vehicles such as ATVs, jet skis and golf carts, Airganic can be left on the seat before it is covered and left in your helmet to keep it fresh until next use.


Sports and Fitness - Helmets, lockers, gym bags, storage closets, shoes and cleats.


Storage - Holiday storage, attic space, outdoor gear storage, self storage units, cabinets and all other storage areas!


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