Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do Airganic Moisture Absorbing Pouches last?
The short answer is, YEARS. We use the same ingredients used for hundred of years by early settlers in their root cellars as a protectant from moisture, mold and mildew. These ingredients have been proven for hundreds of years and that is what gives us the ability to offer such a great satisfaction guarantee.

Q: My pouches have different sized bricks in them. Is that normal?
Yes. Each brick is hand cut. There's bound to be some variances in size. We ensure that every pouch sold meets our standard minimum sizing to ensure functionality in spaces up 30 to 60 cubic feet depending on your climate.

Q: Do I have to maintain my pouches?
In certain situations a minor amount of maintenance can be needed. If your pouch remains in an abnormally high moisture area for an extended period then it can get over saturated. Please refer to our guarantee page for maintenance instructions.

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?
Absolutely! Please use our contact us page to discuss your order.


Q: Why is Shipping so expensive? 

The weight of our products doesn't allow us to ship First Class Mail. Priority mail is more expensive and usually we ship using USPS's Flat Rate services. We don't believe in raising prices just to say "Free Shipping". We have strategically set our prices to be the best SHIPPED prices on our products you can find. The shipping typically costs more than what you're charged on our site. We are happy to take care of the few bucks difference!


Q: How can I tell if my moisture absorbers are over saturated?

Typically the first sign is you'll notice a difference in the space you're using it. If the dampness or odors reappear then the pouch has likely gotten over saturated. You can also open your pouch and look at the internal contents. If they are extremely dark in color or visibly damp then you should maintenance the Moisture Absorber. Remember, these situations are very rare and typically only happen when our Moisture Absorbers are used incorrectly such as being placed in too large of a space or used in an area known to have overly excessive moisture related issues. Visit our GUARANTEE  page for information on how to properly maintain your pouches.


Q: What if the internal contents of my pouch are broken?

If the brick inside of your pouch gets cracked or broken.... don't panic. This is not uncommon and doesn't hinder its effectiveness whatsoever. When dealing with a desiccant like this it is common for the contents to get extremely dry which can cause cracking, chipping, flaking or even large pieces being broken off or in half. This is completely normal and fine. Early settlers used to use these same ingredients but putting them in large potato sacks. Back then it was actually in powder form. We use natural Amish Soap as a binder for the product which puts it into brick form to prevent leaking through the pouch. sometimes they crack and break but rest assured its completely fine.