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Airganic Moisture Absorbers are designed to work in every area of your home where dampness and/or odors are present. The convenient size and design paired with a lifetime guarantee make Airganic Moisture Absorbers the perfect all natural product for your home!


  • Closets

  • Under Bed Storage

  • Dresser Drawers

  • Shoe Boxes

  • Jewelry Boxes

  • Safes


        • Medicine Cabinets

        • Under Sinks

        • Linen Closets





        • Cabinets

        • Drawers

        • Pantries

        • Under Sinks

        • Refrigerator Doors and Drawers


        Attic and Basement

        • Holiday Storage Bins

        • Near Entryways

        • Storage Containers



        Pet Use

        • Dog Food Storage

        • Near Litter Box